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21 February
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I was born and raised in the Chicago area but currently live in Atlanta Georgia with my husband, cat and dog. I'm a dreamer, hopeless romantic yet cynical, opinionated, perhaps jaded and long-winded. Despite all my faults, I'm a loyal friend and will go to the ends of the earth for one if I'm needed...that, and you know what I'm thinking. I'm not a very good liar which I suppose is a good thing.

Music is the heart of my soul. No one but Beethoven, Copeland and Williams can ellicit goosebumps to instantly ripple across my skin. It is an amazing feeling that I cannot better put into print.

Author notes:

With my head in the clouds, I figured I may as well try my hand at writing some fan fiction so when I've got all this live journal business figured out, I'll post what I've got. Some of it's fairly good, some not so much, but I'll post the successes along with the flops just for pure entertainment!