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Feb. 23rd, 2012


So freakin' nervous

My daughter has had a slew of ear infections, therefore we have been to the ENT (ear nose and throat) doctor for her a few times, and finally made the decision to have ear tubes put in her ears. I'm not entirely thrilled about it, mostly due to the need for general anesthesia to have the procedure done. And of course since I work in a hospital and know a bit about anesthesia, it freaks me out. Partially because sometimes too much knowledge about a partiular thing doesn't do much good, other than to feed any paranoia you might have, which I do....welll, anxiety anyway, but pretty much the same thing. Especially when it comes to my child.

So her surgery had been cancelled because she had the biggest baddest respiratory cold virus a baby can have, and she was REALLY close to ending up in the hospital, needed breathing treatments, etc. The surgery was rescheduled and tonight I was filing out the pre-op paperwork online and of course, it's sinking in that this is really going to happen, that she's going to have to go to the hospital, have general anesthesia and have surgery...and she's only 13 mos old!

I know I'm making a big deal about this, and it's a pretty minor procedure, I mean really...if my cousins can handle watching their baby go through open heart surgery after open heart surgery, this is pretty much small potatoes. You know? But still, I'm nervous. I just hate the idea of general anesthesia but I know it's necessary for this procedure. I have a little while to put mysef in check, but still, until the surgery is over, I'm going to have periods of anxiety and flip out a little about it. I'll be a mess in the waiting room, I just know it.

Never mind I've had multiple coworkers reassure me about it, as they have had their children have the same procedure. But still, I'm nervous. Yes, I suppose I'm being a big baby about it, but it's MY baby who is going under.

Jan. 1st, 2012

loisclark working


When the heck am I going to find the time to write? It's so friggin' annoying that I have tons of ideas bouncing around in there, and zilch time to write. GAH GAH GAH!!! I swear, I want to take a few days off work, lock myself in a room and just write my brains out. And someone would have to watch the baby, of course. But you know....

Happy New Year!

After painting the bathroom at 11pm last night, I slipped into some pj's, had a nice glass of Cabernet Savignon and rung in the new year watching the New York Phillharmonic last portion of their New Year's eve concert featuring Bernstgein and Gershwin. Fabulous of course!

Happy New Year F-List!
happy lois

Writer's Block: Happy New Year!

What is your New Year’s Resolution?

To get back to running. I haven't run in almost two years, but prior to that, was runing/ training for half marathons. Pregnancy and childbirth major running killers.

Dec. 25th, 2011

happy lois

Writer's Block: Merry Christmas

What is the best present you received this year?

A day off to spend with my husband and my daughter for her first Christmas.

Dec. 17th, 2011


Christmas is less than two weeks away...oh shit.

Okay, it's official. I am insane.

During the Christmas season I have lost any semblance whatsoever of any logical problem solving, and thought it would be a great time to semi-remodel my bathroom. Oh.....big mistake. Huge. I am an idiot. If anyone is reading this...never, ever, EVER do that. Ever. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Talk about being on the verge of a breakdown. Christmas is nuts enough as it is, I think no one would debate that. This is my first Christmas with a child, also adds to the organized chaos, and now throw in redoing a bathroom. Oh. MY. GOODNES......ARGH!!!!!!

Seriously, I really have NO time for much of anything. And if you are even entertaining the thought of "if she's complaining about not having any time, why the heck is she on the computer whining about it?" I would just like to mention, with out too much detail, that I am, in fact, still giving my DD breast milk, and now that she's got a bunch of teeth comming in, I am not going to subject myself to pain, misery and torture that would accompany her nursing (yeah, imagine someone with razor sharp teeth biting a nipple...hard...yeah, would hurt like hell eh?). So I am therefore sitting on my butt for about a half hour at four hour intervals to pump milk. Yeah, boredom, you bet...and frustrated as all get-out because trust me, at the moment I'm writting this, there are a great many things I could be doing that will need to be dealt with afterward. Laundry, grocery shopping, laundry, making babyfood, cleaning, writing out Christmas cards, prep work to paint the bathroom, painting the bathroom, etc...you name it.

So yeah, I think my traditional Christmas cookie bake that I do and then give to my neighbors and coworkers is going to have to fall by the wayside until next year. Also, considering I'm working on Christmas eve, and the day after, majorly sucks and my work schedule the comming two weeks is going to be nothing short of complete hell. So after done pumping, the next order of business will be to write up a grocery list, try to zip over to Wallgreens (pharmacy) to pick up Christmas cards on order and try to mail them out, you know...before Christmas would probably be good.

Then I've got to try to make baby food, do laundry, oh, whoops...and go out to dinner tonight with some friends for hubby's birthday (yeah I can't believe he had the nerve to be born around Christmas...major suckage) which reminds me, at the moment, that I've got about four hours from now before I have to hustle bunns into the shower, then find something that fits (a somewhat of a challenge that doesn't make me look like a hooker d/t my larger than normal chest thanks to the power of milk), dry my hair, slap on some makeup and get things in order for the babysitter.

Yay for my wonderful next door neighbors who are so wonderful to babysit pretty much whenever we ask them and DO NOT WANT MONEY TO BABY SIT! However, we are also not stupid and don't abuse this privledge. We know we're really lucky, especially since both our parents live multiple states away and can't exactly take our DD for a bit so we can have a night out. Besides, she's still less than a year old, so I'm not exactly keen on having one of the neighborhood teens watch her just yet. So yeah, back to the cookie conondrum, my neighbors are oh so helpful, which makes me feel extra bad I won't be making cookies for them. Which leads me to a thought that is a bit shameful, really. My step-mom made all sorts of yummy beautifully decorated sugar cookies when they were here for Thanksgiving, but she also took the time to make Christmas ones as well. I was thinking of giving these to my neighbors instead of the ones I usually make for two reasons. 1) They really are beautiful and da*n tasty too 2) Really bad for the waistline, as I had gained a few pounds over Thanksgiving, which was not in part to the meal, but the countless number of sugar cookies I had snarfed down on a daily basis over the course of a week...and if we give out the cookies, I can't eat them!

Anywhoo....maybe the cookie thing is tacky, I'm not quite sure, however I'm probably going to do it. Just do me a favor, and don't condemn me for it, I really have a serious time crunch.

Nov. 27th, 2011


Proximity: Chapter Sixteen

Beta: SparklingStone and NiteAngel
Rating: PG-13 for language and racy undertones
Summary: Lois and Clark split up to try to find out more information about a possible other Kryptonian with hostile intentions. Lois and Richard team up to find anything that could help confirm their theory, and they do, except they also stumble onto another important detail, one that can threaten to blow Clark Kent's secret identity wide open. Why did Superman's spaceship crashland so close to Smallville Kansas? And more importantly, why didn't Clark ever mention something that significant to Lois Lane?

Chapter SixteenCollapse )

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Nov. 26th, 2011


Proximity: Chapter Fifteen

Betas: SparklingStone and NiteAngel
Rating: PG-13 for language
Summary: Danger, fire and explosions at the Pulitzer Prize awards proves an aphrodisiac of sorts for Lois and Clark, but will things get too hot and heavy or will Clark choose to tell Lois what he really wears underneath his mundane attire? We may never know, because a startling revelation has been made to Richard; Superman may not be the only survivor from Krypton, and it seems that individual has found him. He isn't exactly a friend of the man of steel and in fact, has a score to settle, leaving Superman wondering if he'll use Jason as leverage.

Chapter 15: Proximity

Chapter 15Collapse )

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Nov. 24th, 2011

happy lois

Writer's Block: Happy Turkey Day!

What are you most thankful for?

Nov. 2nd, 2011

happy lois

Brandon Routh's twin

Yeah, so Brandon Routh has a twin...or at least this guy looks an awful lot like him.

David Giuntoli: Lead role in Grimm on NBC

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