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loisclark working

Superman friends...halp!

Okay I am in serious need of updating my avi's. I haven't a clue how to make them but anywho, nor do I have the time but I loves to borrow from talented folks who make them. Any of you out there who have avis to share or pages on lj where I can go to get some more current Supeman ones? You know, MOS type stuff. Will post MOS review/ opinions about that film later...but short summary is I liked it. Thanks again all. And for those who went to Chicago, I wish I could have gone, and am so jealous. I hope you all had a great time!


It's been a while since I've made avies sadly so I don't know what to do on that anymore (and I need to update mine as well.) I think I need a MoS one as well (sometimes I wish I had a way to get more of them than what I have on hand).

I'm still unsure of what to say over it other than "OMGloved it!!" so I've been relatively silent (wish I could see it a third time but after the Chicago trip I told myself to wait until it came out in DVD). I wish you could have come, because I would have loved to meet you. Oh well.
I found some at these pages:


I just cropped the one I have from a Tumblr graphic. :D

Missed you - we had a small but fun gathering. :)
Hi! *glomps* Assuming from the comments that you're talking about icons and not .avi files... I've got an icon post coming up pretty soon with some MoS and various other stuff in it. Haven't looked around yet to see what other people have done so far, though.