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happy lois

Oh babysitter!

So, hubby found out that he is getting two free tickets to the PGA Masters tournament in April. He got the tickets for the last day, which is when they decide the winner and award the green jacket...so really big deal, tickets are quite impossible to get, and the chance to go is quite literally a once in a lifetime opportunity. The day of golf starts at 8 am, and ends around six pm. We live in Atlanta, the torunament is in Augusta, Georgia about a three hour drive. So we have to either leave our house at 5 am or stay in Augusta overnight.

The problem is we need someone to watch our daughter. Yeah. Who the hell will do that? I mean we would have to have whoever be at our house overnight or ass crack of dawn. My hubbys parents live in California so we know that is out of the question for them to come. I mentioned it to my mom who lives outside Chicago and her response was "well, sometimes you just have to make sacrifices, I had to stay home with your sister so your dad could take you to see Mister Rogers and I gave up my ticket to your friends dad."

Yeah, mom not the same thing. I have left messages on my cousins phone (who lives in the Atlanta area)who has previously said they would watch our dd if we ever wanted to go on an overnight somewhere. I have left a message with my dad who lives in Chicago. No one has called us back. I have a friend who sort of volunteered to watch her, but the dilemma is, if I can't find a sitter, I would stay home and my friends husband would be going with my husband to the tournament.


I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you to find a babysitter. *huggles*