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General schtuff.

Okay, so I haven't posted much about anything for a loooong time, so I'll just take a few to do that while the baby (18 mo toddler)is asleep.

I have been busy, not with anything earthshatteringly exciting...but busy. Work, house, kid, etc.

DD is 18 mos old, crazy, I can't believe that. I am not pregnant, nor am I trying to become so, at least not right now, maybe we'll start working on that more toward the end of the year.

My parents came to visit, separately, as they are divorced and had nice visits. Dad just left this AM and was a huge help to hubby, as we decided to rip a bunch of crap up from our basement. We found a nice little suprise, although we had a bit of a mold issue, so I knew there was somewhere where the mold was comming from. Long story short, two of the walls in the basement have had the stylin' 70's wood panneling ripped off because they had mold, the carpet and pad...gone. The shitty bar...gone. All the ceiling pannels from the drop down ceiling (that smelled oh so funky and I won't even begin to tell you all how many little "poppy seed"-like roach droppings we found in the ceiling tiles)...gone. A major project, most of which I had nothing to do with since my Dad and hubby worked at it. And now we're on hold with the project because the foundation repair company can't come to fix our crappy basement for two more weeks. Then we'll be about 4K poorer but at least we will have fixed the basement moisture issue.

Dad and his wife were nice to watch our little one and we were able to escape to Asheville NC for a few days. I liked the Biltmore and the hotel we stayed, but Asheville itself wasn't exactly my thing. Oh well, live and learn. I don't mind hippies, really I don't. But that was all there was. I mean the extreme. I mean people who are not homeless who leave trails of stink behind them and it is clear they have not bathed in at least a week. The mountains were beautiful, though. I mean, what's not to like about that?

Back to work tomorrow, and back to reality. OH well! Planning a trip out to California next month, although buying plane tickets would probably be a good idea sometime soon. Hubby and I are having a discussion about how many tickets to buy. DD could still sit on our lap, and us not pay for her seat, but I do not want to have her sit on my lap for 4.5 hrs, change planes and have her sit on our laps for another hour flight. Nope. I'd rather buy an extra ticket so she can hang in her carseat in peace. So I told hubby that if he doesn't want to buy her a ticket, that is fine, then he can sit with her on the flight there and back and I want no part of that. Nope. I don't mind her on my lap for a bit, but over 4 hours...um no. Pass!

Also planning on suprising my sister to go to Chicago for her 30'th b-day. Her hubby and I have been making plans, somewhat in cahoots about it all. She has no clue.

Also planning on making a trip to Chicago for Christmas this year...and yes I know it is going to be major suckage traveling with DD who will be almost two. But I do want her to have some winter fun, sledding in the backyard, playing in snow, etc. Stuff that I got to do on a daily basis that she can't since we live in Atlanta where people think it's a blizzard if more than an inch of snow hits the ground.

The only plane tickets I actually have bought, are for September...it was a hell of a deal and I could not pass them up, also have not been home home for over two years, as same for hubby making it out to California, so we are seriously overdue for a REAL vacation. Finally, in one month....we'll get one. Beach here we come!

Hope everyone on the F list is good.


Hey there! I'm good I'm back online again.
I have my first ever nephew he name is DJ and is like 6 months, hehe when I saw your bub's name is DD I was like awww cute they almost the same, I'm weird like that.
It cold there? It winter here too, but no snow but I wish there was I never been in the snow for real, never. Only seen it on tv or pictures.
I hope you get to have a great vaxation. And watch out for the terrible twos, my sister is dreading that stage already, DJ is crawling across the floor and teething and she already going nutters XD
DD is actually the abbreviation for "dear daughter", she doesn't mention the name in this post :)
*facepalm* d'oh!
thanks for pointing that out. I've been offline for like over a year or possibly longer, it feels longer. I have missed so much.
I thought it was a name because "DD" reminded me of that cartoon Dexter's Laboratory and Dexter's sister's name was "DeeDee" hence me thinking "DD" was the same. *headdesk*
Actually my daughter's name is not DD, but it's a fairly common abreviation on the internet for "dear daughter." Yeah, my daughter has recently started saying "no" when she really means it. Which is quite a lot.
*nods* I still learning internet abreviations. I only just found out what "ASDFGHJKL" means lol! That and "stan" and there are other new ones I'm seeing around, its weird, I'm come back and its like a whole new language online.

The "no" word huh? They learn real fast don't they? :D