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happy lois

I need a break. Hopefully tomorrow on Mother's day I'll get one. I had one hell of a day at work today, I come home from a long day, having worked overtime every day this week...and my husband meets me at the car with my child saying "Take her, please, she hasn't eaten anything all day, she's been fussy...."

Me: "Did you try tylenol?"

Hubby: "No. Why would I do that?"

Me: "Because she hasn't eaten anything all day, she's probably teething again, has sore gums and doesn't want to eat because it hurts."

Hubby:"But she wasn't whiny all morning, she just wouldn't eat."

Me: "No shit. And why do you think she hasn't been eating? You ought to know by know, when she teethes, sometimes she isn't whiny, sometimes she just drools a ton (which she did yesterday) has a diaper rash from hell (Which she has) and just stops eating."

Hubby is mad that I am mad at him, takes DD into the house, and remember, I work in a hospital, have been working with very sick people with some seriously contagious stuff. DD starts crying when hubby puts her on the floor. He gets the tylenol, except is apparently the brand (that should have been thrown out) that is too thin of a liquid...and I know is too thin because every time it has been given to her, she gags on it and throws it up and everything else in her stomach up. And today no exception. He starts giving it to her, she gags and throws up everywhere.

Me:" Did you give her the brand that she threw up with last time?"

Hubby: "Yes."

Me: "I told you not to give that to her. Every time she takes it, she throws up."

Hubby: "You never told me that."

Me: " I sure as hell did, the last time she puked everywhere, I told you it's too thin of a liquid solution for her and it's making her gag and throw up."

And so on and so forth. I am tired, overworked, and of course, after the puking incident, fed up. I need a vacation. I need a date night between me and my husband. I need a fucking break. OH, wait. My family lives out of state. Yeah. Good times.

Ugh. Well, there is always wine.