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happy lois

My Fucking luck.

Recently have had siding work done on our house, and shelled about $8,000 for it. They knicked an electrical line in our kitchen tripping the circut breakers. So the electrician came today and fixed the problem, except the "fix" did not fix the problem, and the line still tripped. Called siding company, not all that happy. Siding company manager and electrician both came back to house. Finally decided they had to rip some of the newly installed siding off along with the plywood beneath to find the problem from the outside, they fixed it. Told me the siding guy is going to be comming to fix the hole they left in the siding in half an hour. Over half an hour, the guy is still not here. And guess what, it is not only just raining a little, it is POURING! I have a hole in the side of my house, pouring rain and no siding guy fixing the hole. I am majorly pissed. I called siding guy and basically said "where the hell are you, it's raining, there is a hole in my house and electrical boxes are exposed."

He said "I will be there in fifteen minutes."

And I said "Well I really hope you can hurry because it's starting to rain pretty hard here, and I have a pretty good sized hole in the side of my house, the plywood is yanked off and the interior drywall, insulation and electrical boxes are exposed. I'm not really happy about that."

I look on weatherunderground and see only a few small clouds in the entire metro area that are dropping rain...and guess where they are? RIGHT OVER MY FUCKing house. That's pretty much it. SonofaBITCH. My daughter is napping. Screw it. I'm having a beer. One heck of a day off this is turning out to be.

Great, they just showed up. And I really want to know how the hell they are going to fix my house and seal it back up now that the area is all wet and I'll probably get mold in there everywhere.